Execute Katalon Script from Different Drive

I read that you can not successfully replay a test case if the drive you created on is not the

I create my scripts / manual web UI from my desktop C drive. But I move the item to my D drive where katalon reside on the virtual server. How do I get the script/web UI to replay on my katalon server?


I am a little confused, do you need to execute tests on a remote machine in console mode ? If so you’d need to install a KRE instance (with license) on the machine you want to execute on.

Or you can install a KSE instance (with license) on that machine and manually kickstart the execution.

Hi Thanh,
What I am trying to do is:

  1. Create a Katalon script on my desktop (C: drive).
  2. Copy the script to a shared remote server that has Katalon installed on the D: drive for replay.

I have the KRE instance. But from what I show on the training video, this script will fail. How do I get a successful replay?

Thank you.

Hi @glenda.grant

What training video are you talking about ? Have you tried to execute the test ?

This sentence was cut off so I don’t understand what you mean