Launch the execution of the test scripts remotely

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Please, what do I need so that someone else can run my scripts remotely.

Currently, I run my test scripts in my local machine.
So how the customer could run the same test scripts in his machine, without installing KS on his local machine.

Thank you for your help dears, I need it to reassure the customer about test automation.

What about having a VPN that connects (eventually) to your machine (or another machine that has your project copied to)? You could work from home and connect to your machine too. There are different VPN apps so you may have to experiment with several.

I hope this is sarcasm.

There’s no way to run Katalon scripts without either Katalon Studio or Katalon Runtime Engine…

Here’s what I can recommend:
1.) Have the customer install the trial version of KS on their local machine. This would eventually become the free version once the trial period has expired.
2.) Install KS on a shared machine (VM, cloud space, etc.) that both you and the customer could access.
3.) If you have a CI server (Jenkins, Bamboo, etc.) that can execute your scripts (either directly on the server or on another machine that it can access), and you allow your customer access to this server, they could trigger builds remotely. Giving the customer access to your build server would probably not be ok though…

I would not recommend creating a connection to your local machine from remote machines. Hopefully the reason is obvious.

This begs the question: Why do you want your customer(s) to run your scripts? There are important business implications with this too… Are they paying for your scripts? Otherwise you’re basically giving them software for free, and I can’t imagine your supervisors would be alright with that.

side note, a decent vps can start at at 5 usd / month.
so, even in the scenario of a freelancer, hosting a complete ci/cd environment (adding a katalon runtime licence) it will be less than one may spend for daily coffee, in average (and you may pair it with katalon devops)
so make your customer pay for it

@Brandon_Hein hello Dear,
By the way, the customer has already settled everything with the manager, and we will run my scripts KS in his environment according to what was decided in this phase of the project.

I talked about it with the development team, and devops, they had the idea of how we’re going to work.

I think we will proceed how you suggested me. Launch the execution of the test scripts remotely

Thank you very much for your answers @grylion54 @bionel it helped me to understand a lot of things about this subject.

Hi Brandon_Hein, I’d like to know if would be possible to run the script remotely in an automatic way (every day at 08:00 am). The script needs to run on a local machine and not via the tool on cloud, since the test study to be successful needs to save files locally.
Thanks you for your valuable support!