Session Id change each time the browser is open and close. Remember Me feature is not working when launching test with Katalon Studio

Hello, trust you are all doing well. From my side i am ok :slight_smile: I am stuck in a difficult situation and i need you support to be able to proceed. I’ll describe below the steps for 1 test case so that you have better understanding.

Test case structure:

  1. Start a new browser

  2. Delete all cookies

  3. Identity A access a web page to insert credential (important point here is that we have a checkbox Remember Me and this must be checked and complete login successfully.

  4. Complete the login process successfully

  5. Close and restart same browser (do not clean this time, i.e DO NOT perform delete cookies.)

  6. Access the same web page ( Verify that Identity A has been remembered: the Login Page is not displayed, the user gets directly the Password Page.)

  7. Complete the login process successfully

The challenge here is that Katalon Studio must the ability to start a new, clean browser, then do something on it, then close it and restart it , then do more on it, and finally trash it.

I was able to construct the script, however, when the browser is close and re-open again, it does not remember the Identity A. I dived into the console logs and found that when the browser open at first, i noticed the sessionId and when the browser is close and re-open again, the sessionId is different.

I would be grateful if someone who can help me or share ideas or proposed a solution how to encounter this.

I am tagging you guys also @kazurayam, @ThanhTo, @duyluong, @Russ_Thomas, @Katalon_team, i count on you guys for your solutions, ideas.

Thank you in advance and stay safe.

You seem to want to find a way how to retain/reuse a single sessionId for 2 successive WebDriver-Browser sessions. You seem to think that, if you can reuse the same sessionId, your problem will be resolved. Dont you?

You are wrong.

A sessionId of webdriver-browser session has nothing to do with cookies.

Once I have ever done a study. The problem I had was different from your one. But the following post may give you some idea.

Eventually, I was NOT successful. I found that the Chrome browser is very strict about security, and my test script could not trick Chrome.

Yes, may be i was wrong with the sessionId. However, the issue is that in the same testcase, when the browser is close and re-open, it does not take into consideration the remember me option.

To give you a better understanding, there is a form which credential are filled and check the option remember me. When the same browser is open again, it should skip the insertion of credential and display the password screen as it already recognized the user credential (i.e username).

@kazurayam, will it helps if i send an attached document with screenshot and explanation?

No, I am reluctant to receive it. I do not think I can achieve what you want with Katalon Studio (and with any other Selenium-based testing tools).

My opinion is that I can not automate a web ui test across 2 webdriver-browser sessions while carrying over informations controlled by browsers such as cookies, local storages etc. Browsers would not allow me (for their security reasons) to break their control using scripts.

Still you can test “Remember Me” feature operating browsers manually without automation, can’t you? That would be practically, business-wise, enough, wouldn’t it?