How to retain browser cookies to prevent reauthenticating?


I have an issue where I login to a website and first time users need to confirm a new device by going to the link that is sent to the user’s email. The information is saved in the cookies and every login thereafter doesn’t require confirming a new device. But katalon likes to wipe this information out during every new test run. Is there a way to save the cookies and tell katalon not to wipe it? I am unable to automate my test if I need to reauthenticate the the device after every test run.


No. I have ever tried it but was unsuccessful.

See the following article. It explains what I tried.

This keyword WebDriverFactory aimed to start Chrome browser with predefined Profile where (I suppose) stored the cookies created by previous sessions. I could develop the Keyword class. When I ran the keyword, I expected that Chrome browser to open carrying over all the cookies of previous sessions into the current.

However, Chrome browser silently ignored all the cookies I injected. I could not find any technical/readable information how Chrome internally treats the dirty stuff in the predefined Profile. I could not trick Chrome browser. I abandoned my idea — injecting prepared Chrome Profile may effectively enable me to prevent reauthenticating.

Your test case can read Gmail messages. See

Your test case possibly can find the link in the email and automate anything on it.