Invalid session ID when trying to execute the test

Hello all ,
Need some inputs on how to handle invalid session ID .
Scenario:step1 : Login with user 1 perform some steps Logout and close browser.
step2: Open new browser with different URL and continue the test
Here when I want to test from closing browser and open new browser I am getting Invalid session ID.
any ideas on how to skip this error

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Which version are you using?

Hi @Elly_Tran ,
I am using 8.6.5
Thank you!

Will you be able to upgrade it to the latest version?

I can’t see what upgrading the version will do except put you into a more “Pay for Features” KS application. If you are already a paying KS user, then you should put in a response to Katalon Technical Team instead of this forum.

How about instead of using the “openBrowser()” statement (with empty parameters), you try the other form of the statement?

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