sendRequest through VPN does not work

Hi all,

Due to the corona situation going on, I’m working from home through a VPN. All my scripts work fine like this, except the ones that use WebUI.sendRequest. All those requests time out with the following failure message:
com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: Unable to send request (Root cause: org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connect to address:443 [address] failed: Connection timed out: connect

These scripts have always worked fine when working from the office. Testscripts that navigate to the same address work without problem (e.g. WebUI.navigateToUrl(address) works fine).
This issue persists when I set the proxy settings to ‘No proxy’, or ‘Use system proxy configuration’. Maybe it would work to set the proxy settings manually, but I’d have no clue what to fill in.

What could be the problem here?


What kind of proxy did you use active Katalon Studio when working from home?
After connecting to the VPN client, please ping the host domain using the terminal to make sure the connection from the VPN server to your AUT domain is working normally.

ping domain

replace domain by your AUT domain

For activating Katalon studio, I used the ‘No proxy’ option.

I can ping the AUT just fine.

For this test, I’m specifically trying to send a request to domain/login. I can navigate to it with a browser, so I know the URL works via the VPN. I’ve created a quick testscript which first opens a browser and goes to domain/login (works without problems), and then sends a request to domain/login (fails).
Is there a difference in settings for WebUI and WS keywords by any chance?