Cannot send the test request

Hi ,

When i try to send request i got this error
How to fix it please help
I used to host file on my local pc
In host file there is adress for go to destination adress ip when i try the request katalon does not see destination adress how to fix it please help this issue

Hi @cengiz.alturk,
Please share with us your request object file (.rs file).

Hi @huynguyen
Why we did not send request on katalon url. SoapUI very comfortable ,very easy to change url adres.
On SoapUI when i change url on soapui url ,my request go that adress
Why we did not do this on katalon .

Hi @cengiz.alturk,
Can you be more specific about your change that works in SoapUI but doesn’t work in Katalon? Can you share with us the URLs before and after change?

hi @cengiz.alturk,
Did you solve your issue?
I have the same problem on my test and don’t know what I can do?
I will be appreciate if you can help me.


Hi @Robert_C

I solved ,
I change my end point address in wsdl file. So the issue solved.
i suppose, Katalon reads end point in wsdl file then go to that address