Cannot send the test request in API Testing

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I am new to API Testing in Katalon Studio and I was learning from some YouTube tutorials. However, I encounter a warning of “Cannot send the test request” while following the tutorial. Does anyone know what’s the reason and the way to solve it?

Thanks in advance!

request you send timed-out … it took too long to get response back.
there could be lot of reasons for that - network setting, wrong address, server is down etc…
since this is plain get, try to run it from browser- get address and put it in address bar in web browser and check what’s going on in dev tools…

I managed to get in run when I paste the link in browser. How do I can check what’s going on in dev tools?

it should be F12
however, by calling it from browser and getting response it seems issue is in Katalon settings.
try to set proxy correctly in Katalon.

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Hi @Andrej_Podhajsky,

Do you have any reference or example on how I should set the proxy correctly in Katalon. Thanks!

Why not you make a google search with key “Katalon Proxy”.


Thanks to @Andrej_Podhajsky and @kazurayam,

I solved it by setting the system proxy with “Use system proxy configuration” and it works now.