Script Source not matching executed code

I encounter a very strange behaviour in one test case:

History (done with katalon 6.3.x)

  1. creation of a new test case
  2. run & test it → all good
  3. enhanced the test case using the katalon web recorder
  4. new commands have been added to the bottom of the existing test case
  5. I manually copied the commands needed into the right place of the test case and deleted all non needed steps
  6. run & test it → all good

since upgrade to katalon 7
7. i run the test case → all good BUT
8. it executes the old manually deleted steps EVEN that they are not present in the test case editor!

Any similar issue is known?

How can I force Katalon to REBUILD complete workspace?

Try these steps:

Refresh your Test Cases, Object Repository and Keywords (you can refresh everything if you wish) .The try your test again.

If that fails then do these steps:

  1. Close Katalon and uncheck “Auto restore…”

  2. Go to your project folder and delete these highlighted files

  3. Open Katalon

  4. Open your project

  5. Test again

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Short: the issue is solved

and here how I did it:

First I followed your recommendation to refresh my local workspace -> it did not solve the issue

2nd I deleted all folders you mentioned and rerun it -> it did not solve the issue

then I re-run again and when in the console log the misterious steps were displayed I doubleclicked on such a script row -> editor was opened with the “wrong” source. I deleted then all wrong / not needed commands and save the script

close Katalon and restarted it - rerun the test suite -> all tests passed - no more issues

Sounds crazy - yes - it kept me busy all day but now its fine.

Thanks for the fast support!