Katalon Studio - Mac 7.2.1 - unable to script any new Test Case

Hi all,
I am using Katalon studio 7.2.1 on Mac.
I am unable to script/edit any new test case as of now.
When i try to edit or script, it is deleting the previous line of script.

I couldn’t find the right release for Katalon studio Mac under this link (i can only see Katalon Studio engine but that is not working either) :
7.2.4 release Release v7.2.4 · katalon-studio/katalon-studio · GitHub

Please can someone help.

Thank you in advance.

@Russ_Thomas Could you please look into it :slight_smile:

I agree. It’s not there.

@devalex88 @ThanhTo Can you take a look?

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It is there, perhaps just not in the same region that your eyes would look to find it.

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Or using the same naming conventions as the rest. Who was it that only a few days ago questioned MY nomenclature? Funny, I can’t remember… :joy:

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:rofl: Yeah it’s about time “human” compiler detects this problem.


lol… :rofl:
thank you all