Saving Test Cases Performance is slow for version 5.7.0

Encounter very bad performance in version 5.7.0, saving a test cases with ~140 lines is taking several mins & causing the screen to be hang. Been search through the forum & apply some of the suggested solution, but have no luck in getting it resolved. My machine is running on 64 bit with 8GB of RAM. My setting as below:













Notice that while saving the test cases, the step - ‘Building workspace’ is taking very long (~5min-10mins) to complete & this will causing the entire Katalon to become un-responsive until the file is Save. (I am saving to local directory).

Any update

Do we have any idea on the above? The tools become not responding when it launch, when you modified the script, /variables/object

Thank you for you information, Max. We are tracing the issue.

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Thanks, I also experienced the same issue. Katalon performance is slower now

I closed this because it is inactive