How to Increase the test case run speed??

Running test case is too slow it takes 6 to 8 min just to run a 15 test case. Kindly help me with speed up the performance. Thank you.

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Hi @anirudhmgaonkar,

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I found a similar topic which may be able to help you …

1.) Too slow compared to what? What are you using as a baseline to make this determination?
2.) What are your scripts doing? According to the numbers you’ve provided, they are averaging somewhere around 30 seconds per test, which sounds reasonable. I have some tests that run for several minutes.
3.) What are your machine specs?
4.) Are you running these in parallel in any fashion?

In other words, we need more information. Without knowing more, the only generic advice I can give is to disable Smart Wait.

Allocating larger memory to Katalon Studio sometimes improve the speed of the test runs especially when your test suite contains many test cases and emits large reports.


Log Viewer could slow down your tests.

Do you use


at all?

If you do, you should avoid it.

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