SalesForce app- how to close a notification

Hi Team,
We are trying to do a POC to see if Katalon can be used for automating the Salesforce applications, we need help with the below-

  1. How should we close the notification whcih pop-up? Please see the image for the same

There is a post by Katalon about how to handle these alerts. I would suggest you to take a look at them

@manpreet.mukkar While you have the right idea, you must make a distinction between alerts that are generated from the AUT vs browser-level alerts. The documentation you linked to will only work for alerts generated from the application, but does nothing for those generated by the browser.

@mitali.p.shah With browser notifications (or any browser-specific settings), you will need to use Desired Capabilities. For the alert in your screenshot, here’s how to do it in Chrome (which it looks like you’re using):

1.) Open Project > Settings > Desired Capabilities > Web UI > Chrome
2.) Click the Add button
3.) Set Name = prefs, Type = Dictionary
4.) Under the Value column, click the ellipses, which opens the “Dictionary Property Builder” window
5.) Click the Add button
6.) Set Name = profile.default_content_setting_values.notifications
7.) Set Type = Number
8.) Set Value = 2.0
9.) Click OK, Apply, and OK again.
10.) Rerun your script

Let me know if this works for you! :grin:

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@Brandon_Hein Thanks, I never came across these notifications in my AUT so was not clear about that. But I was aware that Katalon handles these so referred Mitali to the page which describe the solution. Thanks for correcting me here.


I used the following but it does not work for me?

Any Suggestions?

I am using Windows 7, Katalon 6.3.3 and the most recent Chrome version.