Unable to disable pop up notifications in Chrome

I am having trouble managing pop up notifications in chrome. I have looked at the following threads with to no avail.

My issue is that when I am running my scripts there is no request displayed to “Show pop up notifications.” The notifications simply display. This does not occur when I am navigating the site manually. How can I set them to never display?


Which browser are you executing things in? Can you share a screenshot of the notification? What triggers the notification to appear in the first place?

Browser: Chrome
Event: Site trigger (A reminder for a task that was set or notification that you have an incoming message.)

Oh sorry, you said it was chrome, I think I’m going blind :sunglasses:. Take a look at this:

This can help you resolve just about any browser-level setting using desired capabilities.

Note: If it’s NOT a browser-level notification, but rather a notification from the application itself, you will need to handle it on the webdriver level.

Thanks @Brandon_Hein. Its not quite working for me but I think I may be doing something wrong. I am going to revisit this when I have more time to dig into it.

Again, thanks for providing the link.

Okay, follow up question. I found that the notifications are trying to push to my windows notifications if enabled. If disabled they are displaying in my browser. I do not want them displayed in my browser so I am trying to enable them. How can I add sites to the notifications Allow list in chrome?

Try this:

profile.content_settings.exceptions.notifications.{your_website_url}.setting | Number | 2.0

Thanks for the suggestion. I think you are a lot closer than I was. But it did not work for me.

Sorry, remove the curly braces (the “{” and “}”)

That did not work for me.

I am expecting to see the url listed in the allow section of chromes notification settings. Am I missing something?


I resolved this with help from some of my coworkers.
We added a local variable for notifications. Then from within Katalon we are executing javascript to set the local variable not allowing the notifications.

Thanks for your help in troubleshooting this issue.

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I know its a bit late but would you mind sharing more info about your solution to the rest of the world ? :slight_smile: