Google Chrome Notification alert

How to handle google chrome notification alert in katalon studio.

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Is there any solution???


Why do you need to handle it?


As its not letting me to show some of the xpaths…do u have a solution??

Vinh Nguyen said:


Why do you need to handle it?

@“Vinh Nguyen” This is same case with my website. Https basic authentication pop comes up and I am asked to enter UserId/Pwd but I dont know how to change the focus. I tried driver.switchto().alert() but that didnt work. It’d be great if Katalon has a way to handle this.

No its not working on katalon, the main problem is that selenium code is sometimes not compatible with katalon, so thats why its a need for a proper katalon code.

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I Found a similar Topic with the Solution

Solution by Brandon_Hein
To disable all notification popups permanently, do the following:

1.) Open Project > Settings > Desired Capabilities > WebUI > Chrome

2.) Click Add and set:

Name = prefs
Type = Dictionary

3.) Click on the ellipses under the Value column. The Dictionary Property Builder window will appear. Add a new property with:

Name = profile.default_content_setting_values.notifications
Type = Number
Value = 2.0

4.) Click OK, then OK again to apply the settings.