Running test suite after another one is finished

is it possible to run some test suites in parallel in a test suite collection after another one is finished?


I have 20 suites in my test suite collection and I want to run suites with indexes 17-20 after suites from 1-16 are finished. I need to run them all in parallel.

I think Katalon Studio does not have such feature.

Consider Shell script. You have a chance to control running Katalon Runtime Engine by a shell script (on WIndows, may by PowerShell) multiple times sequentially without human intervention.

Your shell script will have chance to run KRE twice in sequence. Within a run, you can execute multiple test suites in parallel. The 1st run will execute TS1-TS16 in parallel. After that, 2nd run will start to execute TS17-TS20.

I have ever tried this years ago with KS version 5.x or 6.0 when KS allowed users to run it in the command line. I haven’t tried it with KRE since version 7.0.