How to run multiple Test Suite Collections using console command


I would like to ask you, how to run multiple test suite collections at the same time via console command?
I am on free version.
Is there any solution for that?

Thank you

Hi @vdaavee,

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I found the article below in our documentation. Could you follow the guide and let us know whether the guide works for you or not?

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Thank you for your help, but it does not work for me.
Just for clearify, I’d like to run two (or more) test suite collections at the same time from console, but with sequential test case runs.

When I did what you have mentioned, there is only one agent/valid cmd session at the same time.

But thanks! :slight_smile:

I do not understand your question because, in Katalon terminology, there is not a term “test collections”.

Please use correct terminologies: “Test Case”, “Test Suite”, “Test Suite Collection” and restate your question.

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@kazurayam sorry about it,
It is “test suite collections” of course

You cannot with a single katalon execution.
To ‘paralelize’ such, you will have to execute multiple KRE sessions, e.g if you are on the same machine, run as many docker containers as you like.

Each session will consume one licence.


@bionel Thank you!