Run test without user logged in

However, as a part of a team discussion, I’d like to seek confirmation about whether it is possible to run tests with a scheduled task without the computer being logged in at all. I’m pretty sure it still requires a login, but a confirmation would be nice.
Short: a windows user should not be logged in during windows gui testing, is this possible?

Are you able, as a human user, to open and interract with a certain application, without being logged in?

yes, by not requiring a login :smiley:

Thanks a lot, so does not work! :wink:

That is my understanding, knowing how Windows is designed.
In the state of ‘not logged in’ plenty of services are not started, so an user cannot interract with any application.
(otherwise, if such will be possible, it will be a serious security flaw)
Therefore, no automation designed to interract with the desktop ‘as an user’ will be able to do such.
It is not a Katalon lack of feature, it is simply about understanding how the OS works.

Yes that was clear to me!
I just wanted to have it confirmed, that was my point.

Thanks for that

Edit: Can you give me a source for this statement

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The source for this statement is myself, from my experience and knowledge about how various OS’es works

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Few reasons why this won’t work.
First of all, you have to start your application and katalon somehow, before to login.
There are two ‘known’ ways to achieve this:

  • With a scheduled task
  • Start it as a service

For the first one … I doubt it will work with post-windows7 OS.
For the second one, your app has to be designed to run as a service.

Now, on the katalon side … the way Katalon works is, when starting, is has to activate.
The activation info (user and so on) are stored … in the user profile.
Without any user available, how Katalon will know how to activate?
And, in addition to that, katalon must also start as a service.
Katalon is not designed as such.

Any, for the last, even if you somehow find some solutions for the above by heavily patching or voodoo scripts, you won’t have a desktop session available.
So you cannot interact with anything :slight_smile: