Windows7 getting locked when Katalon is running



When I run any test script on login for web application, then keep "job progress " of katalon running and then lock the Windows, it will automatically make the login attempt to my windows , so that windows get locked due to many invalid login. Is there any solution? Or whether know issues, so that I have to close the katalon and then lock my windows computer?

Steps to duplicate the issue:

  1. Run or execute any test script for login of any web application in katalon.
  2. Once it is executed, donot clear the “job progress” of katalon.
  3. Lock your windows by clicking on ‘windows’+ ‘L’ button.
  4. Then when trying to login , the locked error will shows as “The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged on to”

It appears that when windows is locked and katalon test script of “web application login” , job progress is running inside, it will try to attempt logging into windows with website login credentials, which we are running in katalon test script. Because of this, the windows get locked, due to incorrect attempt many times.

If we try to log into computer after 30 minutes, it will work fine.

I tested by not using katalon for one month, during which I didnot had this issue. Only when katalon is open, the issue is seen.


This is a quite extraordinary claim - and if true, a quite extraordinary bug.

I’ll move this to the bugs category and mark it critical.

@devalex88 @ThanhTo Can you guys take a look? I’m not about to test this in my setup :scream: