Windows7 getting locked when Katalon is running

When I run any test script on login for web application, then keep "job progress " of katalon running and then lock the Windows, it will automatically make the login attempt to my windows , so that windows get locked due to many invalid login. Is there any solution? Or whether know issues, so that I have to close the katalon and then lock my windows computer?

Steps to duplicate the issue:

  1. Run or execute any test script for login of any web application in katalon.
  2. Once it is executed, donot clear the “job progress” of katalon.
  3. Lock your windows by clicking on ‘windows’+ ‘L’ button.
  4. Then when trying to login , the locked error will shows as “The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged on to”

It appears that when windows is locked and katalon test script of “web application login” , job progress is running inside, it will try to attempt logging into windows with website login credentials, which we are running in katalon test script. Because of this, the windows get locked, due to incorrect attempt many times.

If we try to log into computer after 30 minutes, it will work fine.

I tested by not using katalon for one month, during which I didnot had this issue. Only when katalon is open, the issue is seen.

This is a quite extraordinary claim - and if true, a quite extraordinary bug.

I’ll move this to the bugs category and mark it critical.

@devalex88 @ThanhTo Can you guys take a look? I’m not about to test this in my setup :scream:

Any update on this?

If this bug is real, I don’t expect any solution from the Katalon team. Here’s why…

  1. Windows does not require any special behavior from applications while the Windows Lock Screen is active. Indeed, for most applications, they aren’t even aware.

  2. Windows Login Service is not under Katalon’s development control.

  3. If you’re using WebUI code to access the login controls of your AUT, this relies on Selenium code and a WebDriver interface, both of which are not under Katalon’s development control.

So, the de facto rule here is: Interacting with AUTs that are not running on an active desktop is not supported.

But that’s just my take… :confused:

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in addition to what @Russ_Thomas said … i will ruther consider this an w7 bug. c’moon, if an aplication running behind a locked screen it is able to send actions to the lock screen himself, windows is totaly screwed …

True, but the point I made was, it is not going to be fixed (Win7 end of life is Jan 2020) since it’s beyond Katalon’s control.

however, i have a feeling that this in fact is not a bug at all. but i may be wrong …
one possible explanation for such behavior is … if the AUT login is using AD credentials, same like for windows session, then … yes, it can happen that, due to multiple failed login attempts in AUT, the AD credentials get locked, therefore windows login get locked too.
But only the OP can confirm if this is the case.

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Well … I encountered a situation, where my test fail’s if my screen was locked. So I used the below technique/ work around.

If you not sure how to edit the registry : Download the below zip folder. Extract and run the Disable Lock Workstation Functionality.reg

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