Scheduling job issues for katalon!

Hi All,

I would need some help in scheduling test cases of katalon. I am currently using 6.2 Windows 64 bit version. I have created test cases, now i want them to run on a defined schedule.

It works fine when I directly run the batch file, but fails in the middle when it is scheduled. I tried adding delays, but that dint help.

It is not access issue. The Katalon runs and it is able to browser, but after that it starts failing in one test case where it should click a button,

com.kms.katalon.core.exception.StepFailedException: Unable to click on object ‘Object Repositor

One more thing. The scheduled task is running when I try to run it from task scheduler (right click-> Run) with option “Run only when user is logged on” . But when I try to run it with the option “Run whether user is logged or not” option, this issue happens.

Can someone help?



is it an permission issue?

No ,it is not. The script starts running and fails after a login to a web page. Script is working fine when ran with run only when user logged on setting. If it is any permission issue, it should not start at all.