Rollback from GitHub?

I’m fairly new to GitHub and Katalon Studio and i don’t want to mess things up more so i’ll ask you guys :slight_smile:

I’m working on testcases for a web application. I committed my latest working version to Github. Now i made a mistake and messed up alot of my testcases. How do i rollback to my latest working copy on Github?

thanks in advance!

i don’t really want to undo my latest commit to Github, i want to undo my changes in Katalon studio by start working from that latest commit and practically undo my local changes.

In any editor (Stript view) you can hit Ctrl-Z to “undo” as long as the editor has not been closed since the changes were made.

You can delete your local project and clone the latest code from Git.

Russ_Thomas> not in Katalon studio in my case, otherwise i wouldn’t be here :stuck_out_tongue:

Marek_Melocik> i was trying that, it just looked like it hanged for the last half hour. It looks like it has just finished … i’ll check it out

i think this worked after a few tries. thnx !