Katalon to provide Local history of file

Hi Team,

My team member deleted his whole day of work without committing to git. But there is no way to recover files.

is there any feature of Local History can be provided like in eclipse.

Any form of recovery should help!


for such mistakes kindly contact a data recovery company.
or use some free tools.
what is the connection with katalon here?

@Ibus Do u agree that eclipse IDE has this option?? I hope you know Katalon is built on top of eclipse IDE.

And another quick question? Are they not intelligent enough to tell what you said??

Its not that stupid?? if there is no development mistakes, no tester is required and so need of katalon??

not. git have this option. which is integrated in eclipse. and in katalon too.
so if your coleague did such mistake, revert to the last known to work commit/branch. is not rocket science

LE: provided your project it is indeed tracked on git, you can use any toy you like to handle such events: sourcetree if you like gui stuff, or simple any git cli tool