Request information on Catalonian Studio (Free) Version — Limit Feature and Number of Limit Users

Hello everyone on the forum,

I would like to ask a very simple question. I couldn’t find detailed information about the limitations between Katalon’s free and paid accounts. Could someone please summarize for me what the limited features are and what the limits are on licensed user numbers, or any other restricted features? I appreciate in advance anyone who takes the time to respond.

What is the threshold limit to transition from the free program to the paid one?
When should one make this transition?
When might I encounter difficulties in my automation due to limitations?
For those who use it in the long term in the future automation process, could you discuss the advantages and disadvantages?

Is it logical to use Selenium for web automation? Or is Katalon Studio a better choice?
Is Katalon a preferred and practical tool for desktop application automation, or are other frameworks and tools used?

These are all the questions I’m looking for answers to :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.


See Software Quality Management Platform | Katalon Pricing

Do you want to run your tests in commandline on a Linux server box as CI/CD processing? Then you need to purchace a licence of Katalon Runtime Engine. If you want to purchace a KRE license, then you are asked to purchase at least one license of Katalon Studio Enterprise. If you do not like to purchase Katalon Studio Enterprise and want to stay with the Free version, then you can not purchace KRE license. In that case you can not build a CI/CD server with Katalon. This is the most significant point of licensing for me.

Other points … number of xxxx, restricted features, … there are many, but I do not think these are significant.


Integration into CI/CD processes and Jenkins will also be involved.
I am doing a test automation that we expect to run automatically.
I am trying to analyze what is necessary in the future.
How many users can simultaneously work on the same test case and test suite in free application. Is there a limit for this ?
And what do you think about my other questions?

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Katalon people would help you:

@Elly_Tran @vu.tran

Or, just contact the Katalon sales representatives.

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I would suggest contacting Sales but as advised, the CI/CD features are premium.
See the ‘Compare Plans’ section on Software Quality Management Platform | Katalon Pricing as well.

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Thank you for letting us know. I will ask my team and back to you with relevant informatiom


in your dreams, perhaps.
altough may be something true, integration with CI/CD need at least a KRE licence

You know what I mean :slight_smile:

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To have your tests run automatically, you would need TestOps–contact Katalon Sales.

The “free” version of KS allows 5 users and 2000 tests per month.

And about simultaneously working on the same test case, you would need to merge your results with some type of Repository, like Git. Just a note that a Test Suite can have multiple Test Cases, so huh? And you will likely be creating LOTS of test cases/test suites, so the question may be moot.

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well yeah… here is where the OP figure it out the needs.
perhaps some resources are already available, e. g own code repository, own CI environment etc.
that can save some money.
otherwise, going to the full suite will cost a bit.
CI/CD is not a package, is more like a practice

Hi there,

You can get the comprehensive information about licenses here. Or we can connect you with our sales representative, I’ll send your a private message.


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