KatalonStudio(5.X) licensing Questions

We currently using the Katalon 5.X
Use at work computers running web/API automation tests

it after April 30, 2020?
Can I still available to download and activate Katalon 5.X?
Can I still computers run Katalon 5.X?
Or off service suddenly? Unable to activate ?

Hi @rickleejd

All versions below 7x will be sunset after that point in time. These activated versions of KS would not suddenly be unusable, but any attempt to activate these versions would not be successful.

Hi ThanhTo

after April 30, 2020
Katalon 5.X can also use CI / CD (jenkins) Run Tests in CLI Mode?
Katalon 5.X does not have to use KRE Licensing?


So if you running katalon in a docker container, it means that you will basically be screwed?

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