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Which will be the best repository SVN vs Github in general?
We use Katalon, I understand Katalon integrates with Gituhub.
I read some forums from past and understand Katalon doesnt directly integrate with SVN and I hvnt seen svn in the Katalon home menu/integration options.
Any suggestions or valuable inputs is appreciated.

Your question is not quite right.

SVN = Subversion is a software which you can install into your local PC and use. Subversion is not a repository hosting service.

GitHub is a repository hosting service at, which works on top of Git. You can install Git into your local PC and use. You can not install GitHub into your local PC. You would visit GitHub to host your Git repositories there to share them with others.

So it does not make sence to compare the 2 names: SVN and Github.

I have ever used Subversion years ago. Now I always use Git. I personally prefer Git to Subversion. Why? — because the software projects (all of them are open-sourced) that I am interested in are using Git, none use Svn. So Git is the only and best choice for me.

GitHub is the repository hosting service for Git, which is very popular, is free as long as the repository is public.

Is there any respository hosting service for SVN? I don’t know. I have never looked at it.

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thank you so much for your explanation. It makes sense.