Does Katalon support CVS/SVN Integration?

We currently have Selenium scripts in a SVN repository.If we switch to Katalon will we able to achieve the same?.Please let me know.

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Thank you.We will be trying that.

How did you fix it?

How can integrate Katalon Studio to SVN ?

@Satish A said:
Thank you.We will be trying that.

How did you end up fixing that ? Cause you only say thank you in the comment but there is no answer

Hi there,

Katalon Studio supports GIT integration only at this time. If you need to retain SVN integration currently, you can continue using other third party svn tool such as TortoiseSVN


Because there is no integration with SVN you lose all history of tests whenever you refactor things… Which is very bad.

For example when you move test cases to a new folder you get broken (missing files). And you cannot just move Scripts with Tortoise because then the project in Katalon will brake… Which is even worse :confused: