Renamed object repository folder does not work

Hi all,

I have recorded some tests which we run generally do work well.

I have then started to rename some of the object repository folders and web elements within to be more user friendly.

I can see that in my scripts, the renamed objects are renamed accordingly, which is great.

But when I run the test script, it fails to locate those web elements.

For example these two recording lines work:‘Object Repository/Recordings/Page_andy-bc-7-4-1-rcdockergroupbc-devcom Home/a_User’))‘Object Repository/Recordings/Page_andy-bc-7-4-1-rcdockergroupbc-devcom Home/a_Metadata Schemas’))

But these are the renamed ones of those which do not work:‘Object Repository/BC/Graphite/Menus/User/a_User Top Level Menu Item’))‘Object Repository/BC/Graphite/Menus/User/a_Metadata Schemas’))

Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong?

Any thoughts appreciated.

@andy.gleed Did you rename the objects within the Object Repository of KS? Are the A_User object and the A_User Top Level Menu Item the same object?

I do rename them in the object repository part of KS.

It seems that although the rename works, the frame references are lost, which is what was causing my failures. If I manually add the frame refs back in to each object, it works again.

Perhaps I am not using the software correctly, but that is what I am seeing.

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