Rename test case and no code in test case

I renamed a test case and now the test case is coming as blank. how do i restore the test case? Using Katalon Studion 5.3.1

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Hi Manish Acharya,
If you haven’t saved the Test case yet, you can always re-open. But I think you might have did something accidentally that removed the content of your TC. I tried to reproduce it at my end but my TC still keep its content.
I’d suggest creating a sample TC and change the name to see if the issue still occurs.

I am facing the similar issue, when I rename the test case after saving Test case all content of test gets wiped out. I have the latest Version: 5.4.1 & Build: 1

I tried several times and it happens every time. Any help will helpful

This is still happening.

I have just had the same issue on Katalon 5.4.2.

Saved Test case. Renamed. Test case blank on opening

Any further updates on this.

Hi guys,

Where did you rename the name of test case? KS or KA or file explorer?

Please provide more details about your issue, ex: steps to reproduce.


Using 5.4.2 and no issues here. Please help to post more details followed with this template:

And also please try with other projects such as sample projects, otherwise please send us your project for further investigations.


I had this happen to me once before. After getting the blank test case, I renamed it back to the original name and the test case was there. I haven’t seen the problem again, but haven’t renamed anything in a while. I’ll try renaming and see if I can get it to happen and document steps to reproduce.

Even in the v8.3.0, this problem still persists.