Remove KRE offline licenses

The Katalon licensing scheme is more complicated than we expected. I don’t really understand it well.

We purchased two KRE locked node licenses in summer and assigned them to two servers. Due to lack of understanding we put one incorrect Machine ID to the Registered Machine list then created an offline license with it. Now we are not able to use the license since the machine id is wrong. I filed a ticket and traded email emails with a Katalon support since Monday.

According to the support staff, our issues would be gone if we could clean up all machine ids from the registered machine list. We have no way to delete them now because they are used by offline licenses. There is no mechanism in the Katalon license manager to remove the offline licenses until they expire.

My question is whether Katalon is willing to reset our license account so we can reconfigure licensing correctly.

Please advise.


@duyluong @ThanhTo