Trouble with machine ID licence


I’m in trouble…
I actually run KSE logged with the license owner while I’m connected with my personal Windows user. Since a few days I obtained a Windows service account which can run KSE and KRE independently of my windows user.I need to delete the machine ID but I can’t because of the offline activation linked to this ID.

The fact is a new machine ID is set with that new account when I launch Katalon (actually d23bbxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, but now I have 5709fxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) despite the fact that the machine itself is the same.I can’t activate neither online or offline so I’m struck.

Could you please provide any help ? Thanks !


I think you need to contact the support team…they will be able to advise you better on the licensing issues.


Thanks, but i don’t find the support teams mail…

Have you tried creating a support ticket

Thanks, i find the contact mail for licence trouble !