‘Reloading plugins…’ has encountered a problem in v7.0 (beta)

I have encountered plugin issue when opening an existing project in v7.0 (beta):
‘Reloading plugins…’ has encountered a problem.
Error reloading plugins

My plugins are:
Microsoft Teams Integration
Excel Keywords

Are you behind a corporate proxy? If so, do you specify “Use system proxy configuration”? — in this case, I know, Reloading plugins will fail.

@kazurayam I am using v6.3.3 and have used other older versions on the same machine that I used with v7.0 where I encountered the problem. Is it still expected that I encounter that issue as far as the proxy settings is concerned?


Could you please answer to my question?

  1. Which OS do you use? Windows, Mac, Linux?
  2. Are you behind a corporate proxy?
  3. If you are behind a proxy, which setting do you select: Use system proxy configuration, or Manual proxy configuration?

@kazurayam 1. WIndows 2. NO 3. n/a