Katalon not sending numbers

One of my test cases requires me to enter test credit card numbers and phone numbers. These fields require me to enter numbers. I am using set text to fill in the fields. When I run my test, the test comes back as successful but the phone number and the credit card number is not entered. The fields remain blank.

I have checked that the fields are being found properly. I have also tried converting the numbers into a string and that did not work either. Can I get some suggestions on how to successfully enter numbers using get text or send keys?

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I am also having the same issue. Can anyone help?

Hi Brian, I was able to solve the issue. Here is how

If your text field type is Number
<input type=“number” name=“year” id=“input_1” >

Then use tag, type and name to find the object

WebUI.setText(findTestObject(‘Path_to Object’), ‘1999’)


For input elements with type="number", you have to use “setText” to set negative values.