SendKeys problem on field with default value

Hi all, I need your help to solve my problem.

there is a field with default value 0.00 in my web UI testing, and if the input is not strat from the beginning (must be start before “.”), it will become 0.00 again. for example:
if I input 0.002, then it will give me result 0.00
if i input 2.00, then it will give me result 2.00

the problem is when I try to setText to that field, it always start after the “.”. example:
setText ‘2’, then it will give me result 0.002 then become 0.00 cause of the validation

so to handle this, I used sendKeys.HOME, following with setText, so it will be worked. the question is, it just didn’t worked on katalon 7. but if i try to run the test case with another version (in this case katalon 5.3), it worked really well.

any suggestion?

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Any thought, guys ?

actually, I figured out something
the case was same, but there is a different when i run the test case with Katalon 5.3 and Katalon 7
here is the case

Katalon 5.3
when i setText ‘2’ to that field (without sendKeys), the filed automatically clear, after that start to set the text, so the change was 0.00 -> (empty) -> 2 -> 2.00 (this is what i expected)

but for Katalon 7
when I setText ‘2’ to that field (with or without sendKeys), the result always give me result 0.00. the change was 0.00 -> 0.002 -> 0.00

I clearly using the same step, same code, but I found a difference between running it on Katalon 5.3 and Katalon 7.

any suggestion?


Difficult for me to understand your problem without looking at your Application Under Test.

We need to see your AUT. Is it publicly accessible via Internet? Then please share the URL.

If it is not publicly accessible, we would request you to make zip file which contains the full set of HTML + CSS + JS files which comprise your Web Page and share it here in the forum.

In order to down load the files, please open your page with Chrome browser; and when you confirmed the page is displayed, then in the window menu of Chrome choose “Save as” to download the html and related files. Once you got a downloadef files under a folder, you can zip the the folder.

Also please point use in a screenshot of the page, which field you are interested int.

Unfortunately, I can’t share it cause of company’s rule.

actually I found a way to handle this using keys.BACKSPACE as many as the digit in the field.
I’m just curious why there is a difference between running the test case (specifically mine) on Katalon 5.3 and Katalon 7.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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