Release - Problem with incomplete Commands after opening Suit test


With the new release Release, after opening a test Suit created with the previous release of Katalon Recorder, my tests failed because there is an error on several steps: the target has not been completely imported:

The Target should be normally:
getComputedStyle(document.querySelector(" > ux-layout-horizontal:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > uxlayouthorizontalleft:nth-child(1) > div:nth-child(1) > ux-badge:nth-child(1) > span:nth-child(1)")).backgroundColor

If I look the html file, I can see:

I Join the Suit test to import:
Contracts and Grants Execution - ESTAT.B.html (3.2 MB)

This issue appears several times for each kind of test.
Could you help me please with that ?

Hey @amadese,
Did you open and reformat the save file?
Cause the format of KR save file is that the <tr>, <td> elements must be on the same row.


@tientt1938 Hi, Thanks for your response. I have a tool installed with my IDE for formatting automatically files before pushng on my git.
If I understand correctly, I need to disable this one in order to avoid this kind of issue, isn’t it ?

Hi @amadese, you should avoid formating the save file. Try import the pure form of the save file to KR and see if it solve your problem.

@tientt1938 Do you know a way to unformat now the file in order to get the initial format ?

Hi @amadese,
I do not know how to unformat your save file. But maybe there is an ad hoc way.
You can try rolling back KR to the last version that works well with the formatted files. Once you ensure that the test suites are correct, save them again to your local computer. By then, the save files should be in the right format


If you’re using Git or any version control system, can you revert back and recover the data? The fact that the test suite files were formatted by your IDE made KR unable to parse and read it correctly. We have tried various ways but since the test suite files were modified it’s very difficult to read it properly.

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