Regions! - Code Folding

Code Folding, Code Folding, adhoc Code Folding, PLEASE!

Was making a new notepad++ theme for katalon console so I could add additional color and transfer console to there to read if needed.

And as I was designing I noted how friggen easy it was to create my own code folding regions!
I know eclipse does not have adhoc code folding. I know where code folding is located in Katalon.

Writing really long tests without any kind of folding is just silly.
Others have asked for this feature. IntelliJ has it.

Know Katalon is all excited about there visual testing, but some of us write lots of code. This would be so helpful

if anyone has a work around I would be psyched to hear about it. Tried adding an old school jar that handled folding. Katalon loaded the new interface in it’s settings then promptly crashed every time I went to try to add the folding.

I’d like to see that.

notepad++ theme for console and or script view code. Making regions here is super easy. not sure why eclipse wont just adopt something similar to this : )