Issues in Katalon IDE

Hello Guys…We can see in every coming week katalon come up with some new fancy feature like dark theme or integration with some existing and popular tools.That’s good as it make our task simpler.But i can see no enhancement in Katalon IDE. Some problems exists from day one and is present even now and i can see no discussion on that topic. We have adopted Katalon in our team based on that feature only or you can see that feature differentiate katalon majorly from other existing tool of automation.

@Katalon Guys: Please look into it . Coding in your IDE is a frustrating experiance. We have team of around 50 people who are working on 5-6 projects and all have same experience with Katalon IDE. Katalon IDE has lot of issues or if this is not in your pipeline then plz respond with that we will look into some other alternatives.


Thank you for let us know. We will focus on coding experience on upcoming releases.

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Can you give specific examples of things you would like to see improved?

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Below comment is for working for webservice project.

  1. Auto format is taking declaration to different lines.
  2. For my understanding i have each attribute/element in single when i pass parameters into method.
    Auto Format collapsing this completely
  3. Comment the code, go to manual view and add any call. Coming back to script view deleting all lines of code which is commented.
  4. Pasting multi like Query string should add double quotes and concatenation automatically(like in eclipse)
  5. We should have better design to see request response pairs for each call. (we cant go and open har file and extract request response separately and beautify to see whats happening) Trouble shooting is really hard.
  6. Har file is getting generated only if we have sendRequest method for troubleshooting we have to remove for validation we need to add again sendRequestA̶n̶d̶V̶e̶r̶i̶f̶y̶.

Will add more points to this thread, after getting the inputs from my team.

There are several errors but i am listing some of them.
1.Compile time error is not displayed at the time of writing code. User came to know about his/her mistake after execution in the form of exception and error. It should display error as in eclipse/intellij at the time of coding only not after execution.

2.There is not any mechanism of refactoring. Suppose i have to change the method parameter of a particular method then what we have to do is that first we have to change the parameter and then we have to search for references of that method and have to change them. Again we can find the references in keyword only but references are not displayed for Test cases.

Refactoring should be there like eclipse/intellij so that at the time of changing the parameter we should be displayed a pop-up that should notify that do you want to refactor or not , if yes then it will refactor all existence.
  1. References of a method is not displayed for test cases. It is displayed only for keywords.

4.Debugging :- F5 does not work to navigate to method. This is a major problem as we have to put a debug point inside each method to navigate to that method. Ideally through F5 we should navigate to a method which has control currently.

  1. Editor gets irresponsive after working for sometime.

These are the issue that are very basic and that should work for any editor. Beside that there are several intermittent issues.

Kindly look into these issue and try to solve these as these issues are hindering the user performance and quite frustrating.

Suggestion: Guy you all have build a very good tool. You have added almost all features for record/replay. Once your editor will be good na then i think you will be market superstar.


@Brandon_Hein Please get back if you have any doubt/clarification in above listed issues.


Below one can be considered as Enhancement/Issue:
Opening test case should open the “Script” tab rather than “Manual” Tab.
Because most of the time we have to work in script tab only.

Let me know this can be here or raised an separate enhancement.

Actually you can change this setting under (Window → Katalon Studio Preferences) → Katalon → Test Case

Awesome :slight_smile:
Thanks for the quick response!

Hi @amar_singh

Did you find solutions for these problems in the meantime ?

At our project we are now facing the same issues. We have 10+ projects in Katalon so it worries me alot that maintaining code in Katalon is such a disaster.

Solutions i came up with myself till now:

  1. You can open a Katalon project in IntelliJ > IntelliJ IDE is way more powerful.
  2. Use Java classes > Even in Katalon IDE its way more clear what errors lay in the code, than with groovy.