Regarding usage of re-usable sequence in test cases

I have had a discussion on this earlier and came to a conclusion that Katalon Studio does not provide any section for utilizing reusable sequences and the only way is to make a set of reusable test cases.

It’s been sometime and just really intrigued to know whether you guys are planning to add a feature for this as an improvement. If yes, it would be great and I believe this improvement can make Katalon Studio a solid tool for automation testing.

Really appreciate the work you guys have put in to create a great automation tool for the community.


Hi Shrikanth,

You can create a custom Keyword, in which you put your code that you want to reuse.
Or is this not what you are looking for?

Hi Lukas,

That is not exactly what I was looking for. I am aware of the custom keyword functionality and I am using that for maintaining helper methods, let me explain in detail.

For instance take a login functionality, here this what I will refer to as a reusable sequence as this has to be used in multiple test cases.

So in case I have to book an appointment, the “Book appointment” test case will contain the “Login” reusable sequence along with other steps (also other reusable sequences) and assert conditions.

Say there is a problem with my application where the buttons of my application does not get clicked with just one click, hence i will have to use multiple clicks. For this I will write a custom keyword, using it as a helper method that can be used across my test cases and reusable sequences.

So now I think you get my problem and why I don’t use Custom Keywords for reusable sequences. I have implemented a structure with good maintainability for my project using Katalon studio and I strongly feel having no separate section for reusable sequences is the only limitation of the tool, as I have to maintain these sequences in the “Test case” section itself, which is a tad confusing and inappropriate.

Also if you are planning to implement such a separate section for the reusable sequences please take the data parameterization into consideration. ie; if we have variables in our reusable sequence this has to be reflected in the test case which will calls this. Also both the variables in the test case and reusable sequence has to be available in the Test Suite for data mapping.

Hope I have made things clear, implementing this can make your framework far more superior than it is right now. And this can make project implementations easier again.

Awaiting for a response from your side.

Shrikanth S Menon,
Product Quality Engineer,

Hi Shrikanth,

Just want to say I’m not a member of the Kalaton Studio support team, but just a user of Kalaton Studio.

But if I understand correctly you want something like the following:

Scenario (Pseudo code):

Open browser

Goto Login page

Enter username in TestObject input_UserName

Enter password in TestObject input_Password

Click on TestObject a_Login

Verify if main page is shown

And this Scenario you want to include in some your test cases and the steps in this Scenario should be treated as steps in a Test Case?
Well then I think the only option is to make a Test Case of it and use Call Test Case.

Otherwise In the course there is a free sample in the section “Custom Keywords” on how to make a Custom Keyword to Login in a application

Thanks Lukas,

Sorry that I mistook you for a member of the support team. Thanks a lot for pitching in, I’ll look into the course.