Build a reusable method out of singl keywords

Dear community,

I have a general question about the possibility to build methods out of the single keywords, without skripting. E.g. record a TestCase select some keywords which belongs together and do a method out of these. This methods I would like to collect and reuse in other Testcases. Do someone knows if this is possible in Katalon and if so how does it work?

Thanks a lot in advance


You can record a Test Case, and then use CallTestCase to re-use it in other Test Cases/Keywords.

I think this is what you’re looking for. Let me know if it helps.

I think I understand the way you work with it. I have first to create such kind of methods in your case it would be like a “mini”-testcase and than I could reuse these in other bigger TC . Thanks!

Nevertheless is there a possibility to extract these keywords as a methode? As I first put all the keywords together fo a TC with a bigger WF and would like to extract then the keywords to a methode (in your case the small TC)?

Thanks a lot in advance

You have two choices:

  1. As @ThanhTo said, use callTextCase()

  2. Use Custom Keywords. You will need to extract the relevant pieces yourself and place them into your custom keywords.


I have one more question. I created my methods and used them in my finall Test Cases. Afterwords I wanted to update one methode with one keyword. The keywords in the method uses variables. Now I wanted to set the value for the new Variable in the Test Case which uses this method, but the Test Case does not contain the new Variable, just the olde ones.
Does it mean that changes, which I do to my methods I do not see in the Test Cases which already have been created?

Thanks alot for your help in advance