Creating test cases through notepad


Thank you @Katalon_team for such an awesome product.

I am planning to build a library of Custom Keywords for my Katalon web automation project. Once the library is made I don’t want everyone to have access to it. So for test case and test suite generation, I am planning to use excel or notepad where people will write various keywords and I parse them automatically to create test cases and test suites. The various approaches to do that -

  1. Creating XML for test case and test suite but I am not sure what tag is and where and in what format it stores test steps which in my case are basically calls to custom keywords.
  2. Can I create a lock over all the resources in Katalon except test case folder to create new test cases?
  3. Using behaviour driven development approach to create test cases. The feature files can be written in notepad and shared in katalon project.

Kindly provide your suggestions and help.

This is a core purpose of using source control services, such as Git or Mercurial. Among many other benefits, these allow you to manage who can make changes to certain parts of a project.

Your approach should not be to prevent people from accessing your Custom Keyword library, but rather to have a location that only people you trust can push changes to. In other words, people can mess with your library all they want, but it’s at their own risk, and since they can’t push any crazy code changes to your repository, there’s no risk of corrupting the entire project.

The approach you’re suggesting sounds like quite a bit of unnecessary work, and prevents the people that are writing the scripts from taking advantage of many useful features, such as autocomplete and method suggestion functionalities that most IDE’s (including Katalon) provide. It would also be extremely difficult to do any kind of debugging using the approach that you have suggested.

Once I made a picture which would illustrate what Brandon explained, see


I guess, for some reasons of the organization administration or for asceticism, your people are not allowed to install and use Katalon Studio on their PC, therefore Excel or Notepad is the only option for them to write “various keywords”.

Am I right?

Thanks for the response.
The target basically is to that I create a library of Custom keywords in Katalon covering all possible scenarios. The Test writers would have a sort of document containing details of various custom keywords and they will not access to katalon. They would write the test cases in notepad file and I am supposed to create test cases through it and execute it. The entire process needs to be automated. One approach might be by using Cucumber where the test engineers writing feature file in notepad and I overwrite my feature file with theirs and execute it. Basically we do not want to install Katalon Studio on all the machines as the work is classified. And we do not also want to expose the code and explain the tool to everyone. Few write test scenarios and few write code to execute them. So we are automating the entire process.

The primary target is not to share any code with anyone and also not to install Katalon on all the systems. The test engineers simply need to write test cases using predefined methods or Keywords in notepad file. Execution will take place through jenkins. So basically i need to find a way to create test cases through notepad file. using Cucumber might be an option.