Got sample reusable functions? Please share


I’m looking for a sample or two of how you create a reusable function in Katalon Studio (like ‘Create_User’ function’) and how you call this function in TestCase1, TestCase2, etc.
(With and without parameters will be nice)

Sample scenario:
Let’s say TestCaseA has 15 lines of code and lines 5 through 10 are kind of common that can be used for other Test Cases.
So you convert these lines to a reusable function or library and save as an external function/library.
Then for TestCaseB, TestCaseC, TestCaseD, etc. you call this reusable function.

It would be nice to see how this is done in Katalon Studio.

Thank you.

In Katalon, they’re called “Custom Keywords”.

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Thank you so much, Russ.
I’ll check out Custom Keywords and learn it from there.