Does anyone run tests in Safari?

I have a few tests that run reliably in Chrome and Firefox, and I’m hoping to get them going in Safari to have better coverage. I managed to get the web driver installed and the tests to start up, but am running into many issues. I’ve figured out that dropdown functions, sendKeys, and Robot all are failing for me (and the first two, at least, have been encountered by other people). I’ve been trying to build workarounds, but so far those are all just leading to more failures.

Does anyone actually test in Safari?

Should I take silence as a no? For all I know, my webdriver might just be installed wrong, but I’m not sure how much to troubleshoot without knowing if testing in Safari is even possible at the moment. Is Safari actually supported in Katalon?

I managed to get the web driver installed and the tests to start up…

I’m confused here. You installed your own version of the driver? Katalon comes pre-packaged with drivers for each browser, so you shouldn’t need to download anything yourself.

Should I take silence as a no?

Probably, at least for the frequent posters on this forum.

Is Safari actually supported in Katalon?

As far as I know, Safari is and has been fully supported.

Can you elaborate on your issue any further? What issues are you getting in Safari that you’re not getting with the other browsers?

Web driver – launching a test in Safari initially gives the error “WebDriver Extension is required for executing with Safari. Do you want to install it before running your test?” If you try to install it through that popup, you get another saying that Safari no longer supports Webdriver. I found instructions for downloading the driver and a hacky way to get Safari to accept unsupported extensions. I assume it worked because I no longer get the first popup, and some test cases can run. But I may well have messed up some step; I’m not sure what symptoms indicate a wonky webdriver.

The first issue I ran into after that was drop down menus not responding. My best guess was that it’s related to this issue: However I’ve just managed to get one instance of selectOptionByValue to run, so I need to investigate this more.

Two workarounds for the dropdown issue, using sendKeys and Robot, have also turned up issues – sendKeys isn’t doing anything, while Robot is apparently not interpreted as automated keystrokes by Safari, leading to Safari throwing up a warning and trying to end the testing session.

I could go into greater detail with each step of this, but I was hoping to first figure out if the time investment is actually worth it. I didn’t expect scripts that run in Chrome and Firefox to need such heavy modifications to run in Safari. If no other users are currently able to pull off Safari testing, it bodes poorly for my overall chances.

Gotcha. Yea unless it’s an absolute requirement that your testing covers Safari, if I were in your seat, I would scrap the idea. It may be more effort than it’s worth. Plus, chromedriver and geckodriver tend to have better(ish) support, and in turn less time spent debugging driver issues.