Recorder double entries problem

Hi all,

Is it just me or is a fairly recent update to the recorder broken normal recording behaviour?

When I make a recording that clicks on a link or button, the recorder used to just record 1 action (the click) regardless what the resulting action was. But now, if that click results in a new page being opened, 2 commands are recorded (the click and an “open” command). So, when I re-run the recording pages are getting fetched twice - once from the click and once from the added open command.

Is there a way to switch this off or should I not worry about it (although it does slow tests and double the entries in my server logs).


I should add that I’m using Chrome and version 5.9.0 of the recorder. Version 5.5.3 on FireFox doesn’t do this, it just recorder the click, but that version isn’t working properly on the latest FireFox - you can’t manually add commands.