Random Wednesday - Smartwatch / Fitness tracker recommendations in the Android space⌚️

Sooo… long story short, I recent lost my Galaxy Fit2 fitness tracker whilst playing around at the beach (you will be missed :cry:), and now I am in the search for a new fitness tracker, or even a new smartwatch.

As the title of this topic suggests, I am not that much into the Apple Ecosystem sooo… no matter how tempting the Apple Watch is, I am sure it will not play nice with my phone due to the lack of app / software incompatibility.

With that out of the way, if you are currently also rocking an Android phone and have a wearable as well, which brand/model would you recommend? Let me know below :point_down:

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i am not using such, but i know how to cheat the reports.

  • tied the watch/tracker to your dog (cats are not suitable, are more lazy than you, believe it or not). let them run (the more zoomie is your dog, the beter)
  • throw the watch/tracker in the drier (not into the washing machine) and let it spin. (if you don’t have a separated drier, make sure you put your device in a sealed bag. a plastic jar may work too. glass jars tend to break and you create evidence for the ‘home police’)
  • eventualy send daily reports to your wife … (whitout real pics, photoshoping skills needed)

… and so on …

Looks like someone got scolded pretty regularly for not meeting his daily “step quota” :laughing:

Wait, wouldn’t the heat from the drier fry the watch/tracker? :astonished:

How about tie it to their feet before going to bed and wait until 3AM for them to get all hyperactive? :laughing:

If that’s the case, you buyed a cheap device, not heat resistant. worth to die
LE: or simply use the mentioned hardware on spin only, c’moon …

That’s a temporarily activity, overall, cats are more lazy than dogs over 24 hours.
Dogs get activated by anything, a neighbour walking across the streat, a squirel, a fly … or some time with no reason (as cats do also at 3 AM).
Up to you, but I bet on dogs.

final hint…
if you don’t know how to use the spin only programs on your device never ask your wife
make your research on this matter silently.
otherwise, she will notice you get some interest into this and you may be doomed to be in charge with washing clothes for the rest of your life.
just pretend you don’t know what that object actually does…
you have been warned!