Embrace the Katalon Spirit: Our Community Member Rocks the Run with Katalon Swag!

:running_man::gift: “Stylishly walking 26.5 kilometers in 4h 20mins. Thank you, Katalon, for the swag! It’s a pleasant reminder of the awesome company!” - @vytautas.gaidys

:mega: Vy recently joined our product survey (🎁 Take our survey to win exclusive gifts from us!) and received some awesome Katalon swag as a token of appreciation. Little did we know he would take it to the next level by incorporating them into his active lifestyle! :man_running::dash:

:camera_flash: Vy in action, proudly sporting his Katalon bag, water bottle, and cap during his invigorating run. :star2:He truly exemplifies the Katalon spirit! :tada:

:raised_hands: More events to come with our cool swag and let’s celebrate our shared love for automation and an active lifestyle! :star_struck::muscle:

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