Forum CSP Change (in Discourse?)


The Content Security Policy has changed for the forum site. This prevents my scripts from working correctly. As a result, my work here is severely impacted.

If you think you’re seeing less of me, that is why.

@ThanhTo @devalex88

I’m talking about this stuff:

Sorry Russ, I am not sure about this, we’ll have to wait for @devalex88

Thanks @ThanhTo

I’m still investigating.

I routinely use Firefox so I tried a comparison with Chrome. It works in Chrome. Recently I had an issue with Firefox that is annoying the hell out of me so I am beginning to suspect it might be something screwy going on with Firefox (this involved multiple attempts at overwriting FF profiles).

If you read my report to Mozilla (which involves KSE) , you’ll see why I am suspicious…

(Codacoder is me)

So, it might not be Discourse after all…

I have another PC here with the same scripts running in FF and they’re working fine. However, if I were force a reload (Ctrl+F5) maybe they would stop. I don’t want to break it though :confused:

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