Push button is not working with GIT, while commit is working .

I configured GIT in Katalon.
I can do commits without any problem.
When I push a change I get a popup to enter my credentials. When I enter my credentials I get the message ‘not authorized’.

Anyone common with this problem?

Could you please share any screenshot so that anyone of us/I can analyse it for you. Also, if you could point out the exact problem or error you are facing. Which version of Katalon you are using. Ideally the below should happen in GIT (using katalon). In your case , you should get a pop up of the branches.

Did you “save” the authentication while you cloned your repository

1- You created a file , lets say a test case as an example.
2- You press “push” from Katalon , that particular file would be pushed to the local repository. In katalon you can see that file under “Unstaged Changes”
3- This doesnot mean that the push has happened to remote repository.
4-You need to bring that file under “Staged Changes” and the press “Commit and Push” and then only it will reflect in Remote repository.

Let me know if this does not solve your problem

Thanks for reply team,

After clicking the commit and push button in Katalon I am getting the below error .
Could you please help me resolve this?

dear @priyapund92

please go to your github repo and check the the below settings and then check

Settings → Developer Settings → Personal Access Tokens → Tokens Classic – Click on repo

Hi Katalon team,

I already did the same token procedure as you mentioned below .but getting the same error message.
Do we need to change the author and committer.In my system it is automatically taken below author and committer? And how to change ?
Is the git pack not permitted error message because of this author and committer issue?

There is no need to change the author and committer. But in the screenshot your changes are still in “unstaged changes” did you bring that to staged changes?