Cannot Commit/Push updates to Github

Not sure if this is GitHub that changed (but did check by access rights etc. and all is in order)

I cannot commit/Push my changes into my GitHub Repository since Monday (and I have made a fair few changes within my scripts and Object repositories.

I get a login pop-up (attached) - after selecting cancel I get a “Problem Occured” pop-up - also attached
Login pop-up Error pop-up

Beginning August 13th, 2021, GitHub no longer accepts account passwords when authenticating Git operations on This change was announced in December 2020:

Now you need to use either of

  1. Personal Access Token Authentication
  2. SSH Key Authentication

Hi @Kayleen,

The simplest way is that you create a Github Personal Access Token then put it in the password field of the Login dialog in Katalon Studio.



I activated Two Factor Authentication when I received the initial email from GitHub.

I have just tried using my Personal Access Token but no luck :frowning:

Sorry, I have no easy answer to your case.

Read the following articles to learn the background.