Cannot Commit/Push updates to Github

Not sure if this is GitHub that changed (but did check by access rights etc. and all is in order)

I cannot commit/Push my changes into my GitHub Repository since Monday (and I have made a fair few changes within my scripts and Object repositories.

I get a login pop-up (attached) - after selecting cancel I get a “Problem Occured” pop-up - also attached
Login pop-up Error pop-up

Beginning August 13th, 2021, GitHub no longer accepts account passwords when authenticating Git operations on This change was announced in December 2020:

Now you need to use either of

  1. Personal Access Token Authentication
  2. SSH Key Authentication

Hi @Kayleen,

The simplest way is that you create a Github Personal Access Token then put it in the password field of the Login dialog in Katalon Studio.



I activated Two Factor Authentication when I received the initial email from GitHub.

I have just tried using my Personal Access Token but no luck :frowning:

Sorry, I have no easy answer to your case.

Read the following articles to learn the background.

I have now resorted to installing the GitHub Desktop App but when trying to Commit I get the attached: image

Note: It accepted my Personal Access Token and managed to do one Commit since asking about this, but now I’m stuck again with not being able to commit my changes.

If you make a Google search with key “Git A lock file already exists in the repository, which blocks this operation from completing”, then you will find a lot of posts discussing about the same problem as you got. For example,