Encountered an error while commit and push the project git repository

I have created a GitHub repository. Then created a new project in Katalon Studio. Clone the repository into Katalon Studio. Commit and Push the project.
Encountered an error - Can’t connect to any URL…
I have attached screenshots. Please provide support on this.



The error mentioned your git repo is not authorized. Please double check your git connection: Work with Git in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs

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unlike eclipse in katalon for cloning your user name and password authentication is enough.
but for commit you have to provide your Username and SSH Key as a password.

please follow the steps mentioned in the docs.

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You should read the GitHub docs first.

You need to create a Personal Access Token in your GitHub account, and use it as “Password”. See

First you start to read katalon docs as posted by @bharathi.a and after that you need to enter below
information when you try to click “clone Project” option from KS,
Enter correct repository path Copied from github into Repository URL field
Enter your github Email id into User field
Enter your token that is generated from github into Password field.

Thank you @Elly_Tran, @bharathi.a, @kazurayam, @atul.rai for the info. Issue is resolved and able to commit and push the project to github.

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What did you do to resolve your issue?


Initially, I had missed to select repo checkbox when generating personal access token. I generated new token with repo checkbox selected and used new personal access token to push the code to github.

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Thank you for your reply.

Do you mean this?

Yes, that’s right.

Thank you for your report. This will certainly help others.