Web Recorder adds Close Browser automatically

I am a new user of Katalon Studio.
I have a problem with using Web Recorder. When I click On Record with a URL, IE opens and I have “Open Browser” in “Recorded Actions”.
But immediately, a line “Close Browser” is added in “Recorded Actions” while I haven’t closed the browser, and the recording stops.
Can you help me find the origin?
Is this a network security issue?
A proxy problem?
Thank you very much

Katalon Studio Version: 6.2.2 Build: 4
Internet Explorer 11

Does it physically close the browser or is just adding the step? I cant see what would be causing this. Does in only occur in IE or can you replicate with other browsers eg chrome.

Any more information you can think of that might help would be appreciated

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It just adds the step and stops recording. I have to close the browser after.

This happens on some sites and on others (like wikipedia) no action is recorded except close browser
I found this post http://forum.katalon.com/t/katalon-is-not-recording-from-ie-11/6128/2 but it didn’t solve my problem

Finally, I was provided with a VM and I no longer have this problem