Problem running tests during build with chrome

During build, tests are run from a .bat file. For several days I have a problem when they are run during the build, they start chrome and close after a while, and the tests end with the status passed despite no tests being carried out. After running the same .bat file manually, the tests run correctly. In the attachment I am sending the error code, log file is contained in the logs after running tests during buildis contained in the logs after running tests during build and sample test case and test suite. It suggests the chrome driver version does not match, but the versions match the latest chrome and driver. I also went back to the previous version of chrome and chrome driver and the problem is identical (and before there was no such problem)ConsoleError.txt (5.2 KB)
execution0.log (23.7 KB)
SampleTestCase.txt (1.6 KB)
SampleTestSuite.txt (1.3 KB)

@karol.ciez can you share also the .bat script too?
if any sensitive data in it (e.g. api key) you can censore it, we are interested only in the intended functionality.
there is a flag for cli running which will enforce the chrome-driver to update.
but i am not sure how it is actualy working, will update the driver to latest or to the detected browser.
are you using that flag?

in the mean time let’s summon some friends:
@ThanhTo @devalex88 how is the ‘update-driver’ flag implemented under the hood? always pull the newest or detect first the intended browser version?

I attach my .bat file in the attachment. I don’t use this flag, I usually update the driver manually. The only strange thing is that the manual fire this bat normally runs tests and not during build. It seems to me that if it was a real problem with the driver then the tests would not run at allFileBAT.txt (971 Bytes)

@karol.ciez i am looking into it … one more question.
how is the script triggered ‘during the build’? by task-scheduler or any other tool?

We have a build definition created, we use Visual Studio in which we run this .bat file. This is the code that starts thete during build :
<Target Name=“RunTests”>
<Message Text=“Test run: START” />
<Exec Command=“C:\AlpolXSales\automatedRunning.bat” IgnoreExitCode=“true” />
<Message Text=“Test run: END” />

@ThanhTo this error is weird:

Driver info: driver.version: CChromeDriver
remote stacktrace: Backtrace:
	Ordinal0 [0x003CEB13+1501971]
	Ordinal0 [0x0034F6D1+980689]
	Ordinal0 [0x002D765F+489055]
	Ordinal0 [0x0026F254+62036]
	Ordinal0 [0x0026BCDA+48346]
	Ordinal0 [0x00289800+169984]
	Ordinal0 [0x0028942D+169005]
	Ordinal0 [0x002878EB+162027]
	Ordinal0 [0x00270AC7+68295]
	Ordinal0 [0x00271B40+72512]
	Ordinal0 [0x00271AD9+72409]
	Ordinal0 [0x00368F37+1085239]
	GetHandleVerifier [0x0046D7ED+503293]
	GetHandleVerifier [0x0046D580+502672]
	GetHandleVerifier [0x004746AC+531644]
	GetHandleVerifier [0x0046DFFA+505354]
	Ordinal0 [0x00360606+1050118]
	Ordinal0 [0x0036047F+1049727]
	Ordinal0 [0x0036AF9B+1093531]
	Ordinal0 [0x0036B103+1093891]
	Ordinal0 [0x0036A095+1089685]
	BaseThreadInitThunk [0x75E8343D+18]
	RtlInitializeExceptionChain [0x77319802+99]
	RtlInitializeExceptionChain [0x773197D5+54]

@karol.ciez i saw in your script you are killing any chrome and chrome driver processes before to start katalon (supposed there is a good reason for it)
can you try to add a delay between that and starting katalon? not sure if it will help but can be a race condition somewhere

ok i will try to do it

unfortunately the insertion of a delay does nothing

I updated Katalon RE and after running the build in the log I got such information about running tests:
ERROR: Process “chromedriver.exe” was not found.
ERROR: Process “chrome.exe” was not found.
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed

       0     0    0     0    0     0      0      0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--     0
     100    35    0     2  100    33      9    151 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:--   160

ERROR: Input redirection is not supported, the process will be terminated immediately.

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